Metal hydroxides can be utilised to provide a safe and effective method of flame retardance. They work by breaking down at a specific temperature and releasing their bonded water as steam and leaving an oxide rich layer on the surface of the rubber. The water vapour quenches the surface and surrounding materials and restricts the access of oxygen to the elastomer. Both ATH and MgDH are better for the environment as they do not contain any halogens or heavy metals. The water of hydration produced also dilutes any toxic gases or smoke and aids in the removal of heat from the elastomer.
To give an effective action both metal hydroxides need to be used in quite high fill levels. The ATH and MgDH we supply are both a fine high surface area white powder (approx. 1 micron particle size) and are both vinylsilane treated to aid the mixing process.

If you have an interest in these materials then we would be happy to provide our full datasheets including synergistic compounds, processing and chemical data sheets.

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