If you have a bonding requirement using a cured synthetic polymer then we would be happy to discuss with you confidentially how we can improve your bonding parameters.

The bonding agents are made from specially grafted, reactive emulsions that act as one coat bonding agents or primers.

Free of fillers and cost-reducing additives.

Our bonding agents are made to out-perform any other bonding agents on the market and exhibit excellent high temperature/environmental resistance.

Excellent flexibility, dynamic fatigue and impact resistance.

If you are trying to cure bond a polymer to a substrate then various additives can be utilised to provide a superior bond.

Metal acrylates can be employed, such as Zinc acrylate.

Silane coupling agents can also be used, the specific one depends on the polymer and the substrate.

Silane cross-linking agents can be employed as well to give a cost efficient bond.

If you have a requirement for cure bonding then we would be happy to hear from you, we would only give straight forward advice, no trade names and un-named additives.

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