Advantages of using a Peroxide Co-agent

No reformulating usually required,
can be added during the milling process, but before the peroxide is added.

Usually between 0.5% and 3% is added, depending on the elastomer formulation and the desired properties required.

A relatively small amount can give a noticable advantage,
a cost effective way of increasing desirable properties of your formulations

Reduction in vulcanisation time,
can give faster throughput increasing the efficiency of your equipment

Improved mechanical properties,
greater crosslinking density of the elastomer will give better hardness, tear strength &
compression set

Improves long term weathering,
a stronger matrix will resist weathering better and give more durable elastomers

Reduces solvent uptake of the elastomer,
allows the elastomer to work better in more aggressive environments

How it Works

Unsaturated compounds and in particular vinyls and methacryates can be incorporated into the polymer matrix via copolymerisation and act as strong cross-linkers.

These co-agents are also thought to act by suppressing undesirably side chain reactions between the polymer radicles produced by the peroxide.
They probably also react in preference to the filler, which in some formulations can adsorb the free radicles and thus reduce the effectiveness of the cross-linking.

This process will also increase the cross-linking density by allowing more radicles to perform vulcanisation.

Triallyl cyanurate
Easy to handle powder, non toxic
Several standard pack sizes available

Triallyl isocyanurate
Easy to handle powder, non toxic
Several standard pack sizes available

Both can be supplied as a 70% active powder, compounded with silica, for ease of use as both co-agents melt at just above room temperature

Vinylsilanes and Vinylsilicones, such as
Vinyl terminated Silicones fluids
are a cost effective and simple way to
enhance the mechanical properties of highly filled polymeric systems.

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