FluoroSilicones are becoming the preferred choice for tough applications especially at extreme low temperatures where they are unrivalled. Due to their nature Fluorosilicone components can only really be employed in static roles as they quickly wear in dynamic applications. Resistant to ozone, uv radiation, sunlight and salt spray.

Processing FluoroSilicones
(same as standard silicone rubber)
Our FluoroSilicones are provided as a high molecular weight one-part gum that can be milled and processed using the same equipment as standard peroxide cured silicones. Our gums can be used as a base and blended with particular fillers, modifiers and pigments to give the desired properties of the cured rubber, such as extreme low and high temperature, electrical conductivity, enhanced tear strength, hardness and good compression set.
Our range of FluoroSilicone rubbers are highly versatile and can be processed like standard silicone gums,via,
Moulding - compression, injection & transfer
Extrusion - tubing, no problem
Calendering - can be made into flat sheets,
either supported or unsupported,

Why use a FluoroSilicone

Extreme Low Temperature Performance.
Up to minus 73oC, unmatched by any other

Outstanding Fuel, Oil, Solvent, Acid and Chemical Resistance.
Comparable with fluoroelastomers

Highly resilient over a large temperature range with good compression set

Increase you product range and market presence for no extra capital equipment outlay.
Fluorosilicones can be processed using your existing equipment and using the same additives that you currently handle.

As well as manufacturing the raw fluorosilicone gums we can offer a range of pre-compounded bases that are ready to use and are typically characterised by their Shore A Hardness.
Several colours are available. Supplied in multiples of 10kg. Smaller pack sizes can be supplied if the base is available from stock.
Other specific bases can be formulated to suit your requirements.

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