Reasons fumed silica is the preferred filler for silicones!

Usually contains less than 2% of bound water and generally no absorbed water.
(mixing may take longer than with precipitated silica but a resultant better silicone is produced, silianes, silicones and other filler activators can be added to aid mixing)

Very pure and highly controlled fillers are produced with high and consistent reproducibility.

The particle sizes are typically in the nanometres and give very high reinforcing.

Light and a strong white colouration to allow the production of high performance silicones in any colour.

Fumed silica filled silicones typically have excellent mechanical properties and durability over a wide
service temperature range and under aggressive environments.

The high surface area fumed silicas can be used in medical and veterinary tubing and devices to give an optically clear and high performance elastomer.

The production of high purity and high reproducible fumed silica is based on the continuous vapour phase hydrolysis of silicon tetrachloride. By varying the concentration of the
precursors, flame temperature and dwell time of the silica in the combustion chamber it is possible to control the particle size and specific surface area.

FS-150 & FS-200 grades are both commonly used as reinforcing fillers for general grade and high performance silicone elastomers.

FS-380 grade is specifically designed for use in high performance medical and veterinary tubing and devices and gives optimum reinforcing. It can also be used at quite high load levels and still give an optically clear elastomer.

Samples can be supplied for testing and evaluation purposes.


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